As building or renovating tradespeople are often relied upon to select which doors go into the home it is important for both the homeowner and tradespeople to understand that not all doors are created equal and the quality and performance of the door needs to be considered when building your new home.

Traditional internal doors are lightweight with a timber or flat painted finish, they are often have a cardboard centre and can be prone to bowing over time if they are not installed or finished correctly.

A great internal door solution is to have door with a strong centre made with polystyrene that doesn’t pop, bend or bow. The polystyrene inner enables the door to remain lightweight and is stronger than traditional doors and still gives that stylish look.

There is a movement that’s becoming more and more popular and that’s sliding.  Whether it’s a sliding car door or the sliding movement on a tablet or smart phone, sliding doors not only look good and provide many design options, they are incredibly functional and practical, allowing excellent use of space and providing unobstructed access when open – particularly useful when space is at a premium.

Useful for many applications in the home or office, they can be used on wardrobes, bathrooms, wall units, office nooks and as room dividers – or simply to hide kitchen clutter, small appliances or an office desk or laundry.

Always ensure that painted interior doors are painted ALL the way around. Many doors are only painted front, back and on the side where it can be seen, but doors should be painted on the top as well to stop moisture from seeping into the door and causing it to bow and swell.

Ask your local Cavalier Homes consultant about the benefits of using different doors styles/types in certain areas. Create maximum use of your space and longevity in your new home.