Real customers Roderick and Kelly recently moved into their excellent new 2014 HIA-CSR Award Winning home that was constructed by Todd and the team at Cavalier Homes.

“We were ably assisted and guided through every step of the planning and building process. Cavalier Homes professionally and patiently worked through the design process with us, ensuring all our customisations were accounted for, along with recommending and including other valuable additions to the layout.

Cavalier has established a good network of partnerships with local suppliers, ensuring a wide selection of choice was available for every feature of the home. Once commenced, the build progressed well and was completed ahead of schedule.

During the build, any question or concern was promptly discussed with us and Todd and his team were very patient and methodical in working through all of the questions we had. We were impressed with the integrity shown by Todd and the team of skilled tradesman in recommending some important modifications during the build and in resolving any issues that were raised.

The close attention to detail that was displayed ensured a quality construction and finish to our home. Our thanks is expressed to Todd for our fantastic home, and also to the wonderful team of friendly tradesman for the professionalism they displayed, in particular Peter, Phil, Darren, Tim and Damien.

We will happily recommend Cavalier Homes to anyone who is considering building a new home and wish the team every success with their future building projects.”

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