John and Domenica took their time to make sure their family home would be perfect.
After looking through display homes and narrowing down a shortlist of builders, they chose Cavalier Homes to work on a plan that would fit with their block of land in Kialla.
“It was a pretty long and drawn out process – this was the second plan,” John said.
“Jason spent a fair bit of time with us, designing off our original plan, which was a bit too big. We left it for another year, then went back to it and had another go – Cavalier were happy to spend time with us and work on that last plan and that’s what really locked it in for us.”
The spacious home features four bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a living room and kitchen and family areas.
Domenica said it was a perfect family home and Cavalier had taken the time to make sure it was what the client wanted.
“We had three or four meetings on-site here with Bob, Jason and Scott as it was being built and we were able to say what we did and didn’t like,” she said.
“They were great – if it wasn’t Scott who came out, it would be Bob or Jason. There was always someone there to answer our questions.”
John said Cavalier continued to check in with them after the home was completed and were always available to help if any problems came up.
“We’d certainly recommend them to other people who are looking to build a home,” he said